Cortical networks at the large- and meso-scales

Development of a transcranial focused ultrasound device for the modulation of brain activity

And much more…

Some of our past projects

  • Model-based source localization of extracellular action potentials
  • Dynamic modeling of associative learning in schizophrenia
  • Probabilistic computation in dendritic trees
  • Dynamics of communication of cortical neurons
  • Modeling of budget time series
  • Organisation of signal flow in directed networks
  • Prediction of technological development from patent citation network
  • Software package for complex network analysis
  • EURESIST – Integration of viral genomics with clinical data to predict response to anti-HIV treatment
  • ICEA – Modelling goal-directed navigation of the rat
  • Generation and control of septo-hippocampal oscillations
  • Dynamics of evolving networks
  • Olfaction and its underlying stochastic phenomena
  • A populational model of hippocampus CA3 region slices
  • Location dependent differences between somatic and dendritic IPSPs
  • Development of hippocampal place fields
  • The role of self-excitation in the development of topographic order