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Functional efficiency of 32-channel electrode grids, as a function of inter-electrode distance: (a) Original SNR (range 8.3–47.7) and (b) SNR = 37.5 for all spikes. Inter-electrode distance d is normalised to the observation distance r. Marker symbols represent the lattice geometry corresponding to the designs as shown in panel (c), with dark colours marking the wide, light colours the thin sub-types. Insets show the maximal efficiency of each array. While the linear probe showed the highest efficiency at its maximum, its performance depends heavily on the inter-electrode distance and SNR.

Reference work:
Tóth, R., Barth, A. M., Domonkos, A., Varga, V., & Somogyvári, Z. (2021). Do not waste your electrodes—principles of optimal electrode geometry for spike sorting. Journal of Neural Engineering18(4), 0460a8. doi: 10.1088/1741-2552/ac0f49