Theoretical Neuroscience and Complex Systems Research Group

Who we are

An interdisciplinary group of researchers with similar interests but different formal training: a chemist, biologists, computer scientists, and physicists. The group was founded by Péter Érdi, and is currently led by Zoltán Somogyvári in the Department of Computational Sciences directed by András Telcs, at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest, Hungary.

What we do

The fundamental mission of our research group is to promote the understanding of complex systems, concentrating primarily on the brain. We create mathematical models to better understand the phenomena inferred from experimental data. We also serve our community by developing and applying novel data analysis tools. Although our work focuses primarily on scientific problems related to the normal and disordered functioning of the brain, the tools and models developed by our group have been applied successfully in multiple research areas including economics, ecology, power supply and medicine.

Interested in joining us?

We are always looking for motivated students and potential collegues. Feel free to browse our listed projects and contact us to learn more.


Theoretical Neuroscience and Complex Systems Research Group,
Department of Computational Sciences,
Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Konkoly-Thege way 29-33,
H-1121 Budapest, Hungary