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Statisztikai módszerek a biológiában
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Statisztikai tanulás az idegrendszerben

Nerophysiological data analysis/ Neurofiziológiai adatelemzés:

The course will be held in Teams, please send me ( a email so I can invite you to the Teams group.

You can find the requirements here to get a good grad on the course.

TDK- és diplomatémák

In English

BSCS Day 1: Learning in neural networks

System Neuroscience slides of day 1 and of day 2 by Somogyvári Zoltán.

Here you can find the debated paper on monopolar sources.

Slides of day 3 are here and here . Slides on navigation.
Slides on learning algorithms.

We highly recommend courses of the Budapest Semesters in Cognitive Sciences and CyberSociety.
Contact person regarding courses: Somogyvári Zoltán