About our group

The Theoretical Neuroscience and Complex Systems Group consists of researchers with similar interest but different formal training: a chemist, biologists, computer scientists, physicists as can be seen on the people pages. Browsing our projects show that two main topics are studied: on one hand the undestanding of functional organization, performance and pharmaceutical modulation of certain neural structures, while on the other the analysis, characterization and modeling of networks, especially, growing networks.

The TNCS Group works at the KFKI campus in Budapest, Hungary, as part of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, one of the research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Details of our affiliation can be found on the "how to contact us" page.

If you are interested in details what our research group has been working on, please check the publications page. Also, there are weekly seminars and different workshops we organize where guests are warmly welcome.

Members of the group as of 2011.