Huhn Zsofi

Name: Huhn Zsófia, MSc
Address: Dept. Biophysics, KFKI RIPNP of the HAS, Konkoly-Thege M. út 29-33, Budapest, H-1121, Hungary
Office: KFKI Campus, Building 13, Floor 1, Room 1.
E-mail: zsofi at rmki dot kfki dot hu
Phone: +36 1 392 2222 x1238
Fax: +36 1 392 2742
Qualification: biologist
Position: junior research fellow


  • 1993-1999: Berzsenyi Dániel High School, Bp
  • 1999-2005: Faculty of Science of the ELTE, Bp, MSc in Biology
  • 2005-2008: PhD studies at ELTE on Neurobiology

Research interest

  • Audiovisual Integration
  • Grid cells, hippocampus, navigation


  • Huhn Zs, Orbán G, Érdi P and Lengyel M: "Theta oscillation-coupled dendritic spiking integrates inputs on a long time scale", Hippocampus 15(7), 950-962
  • Érdi P, Huhn Zs and Kiss T: "Hippocampal theta rhythms from a computational perspective: code generation, mood regulation and navigation" Neural Networks 18(9), 1202-1211
  • Lengyel M, Huhn Zs and Érdi P "Computational theories on the function of theta oscillation" Biological Cybernetics 92, 393-408
  • Huhn Zs, Lengyel M, Orbán G and Érdi P: "Dendritic spiking account for rate and phase coding in a biophysical model of a hippocampal cell", Neurocomputing 65-66, 331-341


  • Papp G, Huhn Zs, Lengyel M, Érdi P: "Effect of dendritic location and different components of LTP expression on the bursting activity of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells", Neurocomputing 58-60, 691-697
  • Huhn Zs, Lengyel M, Érdi P: "Rate and phase coing in a biophysical model of a hippocampal place cell" Cybernetics and System Research, Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, Vienna, (193-198)
Born: 23th of August, 1981, Szeged, Hungary
Languages: English (advanced), German (intermediate)