Name: Balázs Ujfalussy
Current Address: MTA KOKI, Laboratory of Biological Computation
E-mail: balazs.ujfalussy at gmail dot com
homepage: http://biocomplab.koki.hu
Qualification: PhD in Neuroscience
Position: research associate

Research interests

My primary research interest is to understand how cortical neurons are adapted to their environment i.e., the circuit they are embedded: the computation it performs and the activities of the other neurons. In my research I combine ideas from systems neuroscience and machine learning with single neuron modelling and data analysis to characterise the spatio-temporal distribution of natural activity patterns in neuronal populations and to capture the response of single neurons to stimuli sampled from this distribution. This approach has the potential to reveal the contribution of specific single neuron properties to the computation performed by the network.

Selected Publications

Born: 17th February, 1982, Budapest, Hungary
Languages: English (fluent), French (intermediate)
Marital status: married, four children